What is Beyond the Therapy Room?
The Beyond the Therapy Room conference is now in its third following events in London in 2015 and Liverpool in 2017.  This conference features psychologists, academics and writers speaking about ways in which mental health and wellbeing can be supported by taking a social and community approach to distress, instead of seeing mental health as being individual problems addressed by individual solutions. In 2017, the conference ran as part of the Clinical Psychology Fringe in Liverpool, and it does so again this year in Cardiff on Friday 19th January 2018.

The conference this year will focus on work with children and young people, but will build on the themes from previous years, considering ways in which health professionals and services can improve physical and emotional wellbeing and help to build a more psychologically caring society, in broader ways than traditional one-to-one psychological therapy.

The day is aimed at people with or without formal training in psychology or healthcare, including qualified or aspiring clinical psychologists, other healthcare professionals with an interest in mental health and wellbeing, and people who have become experts through their own experiences of distress or mental health problems.

Who’s behind it?
Recognising the cultural, political and social processes involved in suffering, distress and mental health, the conference will bring together people who work in and/or use mental health services to highlight innovative ways of working and share best practice.

As with the Clinical Psychology Fringe, a group of psychologists, mental health professionals, service users and other collectively-minded contributors have been working together to put on a thought-provoking and diverse range of speakers to help us think about how to develop a more community active and socially responsible psychology practice. 

Where is it happening?
The conference will be held at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff (CF10 3AP).   It will take place on Friday 19th January 2018 at the end of a week of arts and performance events comprising the Clinical Psychology fringe, and the day after the British Psychological Society’s Division of Clinical Psychology annual conference. The event is non-profit and run at cost price to keep ticket prices accessible

Who can I speak to if I want to find out more?