This year's Beyond the Therapy Room is being held at St Thomas Centre in Manchester (M12 6FZ) on Saturday 26th January 2019. You can book your tickets now on the link below!

NeuroTriage (@neurotriage)

Ste Weatherhead (@SteWeatherhead) and the team will be introducing NeuroTriage. This service aims to increase understanding of the links between homelessness and neuropsychological needs in service providers and service users. They will be discussing their neuropsychological assessment, intervention and follow-on support service in Liverpool for those experiencing homelessness and a brain injury or neurological problem. http://www.neurotriage.com

Kids of Colour (@KidsOfColourHQ)

Roxy Legane and her team will be discussing their platform for kids of colour to explore their experiences of race, identity and culture in modern Britain.

 “We want to inform society on the diverse experiences belonging to young people of colour, humanizing them and challenging the narrative that makes them one-dimensional. We want to build a picture of how they are affected by race, identity and culture, making young people of colour everyday citizens in society’s eyes.” http://www.kidsofcolour.com

Emily David (@ekd1v07)

Emily David is a Lead Clinical Psychologist in Hampshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service in the NHS. Emily will be discussing the ICE project – an ambitious, innovative collaboration between Hampshire Cultural Trust and Hampshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, provided by Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Seeking to highlight how the arts and cultural activities can have a positive impact on psychological health and emotional wellbeing, the ICE project aims to ‘Inspire’ through experiencing high quality culture; ‘Create’ through taking part in arts activity; ‘Exchange’ by sharing work at our showcase event. http://www.hampshirecamhs.nhs.uk

Workshop – Sharing Stories (@sharingventure) & Odd Arts (@oddartsuk)

Sharing Stories is a collaborative venture between the Lancaster University clinical psychology training community and Ugandan people, services and communities. Odd Arts deliver issue based creative programmes with vulnerable and excluded groups, using specialist applied theatre and creative arts to address and explore contentious and challenging issues.

 This joint workshop is a follow up from a collaborative project conducted in Uganda this summer – the workshop will introduce innovative approaches to working with people in a cross-cultural way.


Heart & Parcel (@heartandparcel)

Heart & Parcel was founded in Manchester in 2015 to bring women from communities together by making dumplings and developing ESOL skills. Making dumplings involves many hands, communication and teamwork. Heart and Parcel use this process as a method to engage with women using English as the medium. As well as providing lunch for the day, they will be telling us about their project and the work they do in the city.  http://heartparcel.wordpress.com/

Safety4Sisters (@safety4sisters)

Safety4Sisters North West was established in Manchester in 2009 to address the exclusion of migrant women experiencing gender based violence and subject to immigration control (particularly those with 'no recourse to public funds') from the most basic rights of safety and protection. We work towards this through our campaigning work - targeting legislation that excludes migrant women from statutory and voluntary provision that should protect them; through educating and challenging organisations and the public to uphold the human rights of migrant women - and bearing witness and documenting where this does not happen. We create spaces within our Migrant Women's Group for sisterhood in which the individual stories of migrant women, their experiences of disempowerment and struggle, are transformed into collective stories and collective action. www.safety4sisters.org

Manchester Village Spartans RUFC (@MVSRUFC)

The Manchester Village Spartans RUFC is Manchester's gay and inclusive rugby union football team based at Sale Sports Club, Manchester. The club welcomes players at all skill levels who do and do not identify as LGBT. The club has also introduced a mixed touch rugby team. Dean Bee, Club Chairman, will be discussing the social and community benefits of the club and the national agenda around inclusivity in sports.

Sue Jones (@suejonessays)

Sue Jones is a political activist with a strong interest in human rights, equality and socioeconomic and public policy. She will be talking about her campaign work in support of people with disabilities. https://kittysjones.wordpress.com/

Workshop - Rufus May (@rufusmay) and Elisabeth Svanholmer (@svanholmer)

Rufus May and Elisabeth Svanholmer will interactively explore ways to compassionately understand conflict, and introduce ways to gently speak our truths when it might be easier to keep quiet and carry on. 

Rufus May has worked as a clinical psychologist in adult mental health services for 19 years. He provides training and consultancy in recovery and integrative based approach to psychosis and other mental health problems.

Rufus has an international reputation for training people in holistic and recovery-based approaches to mental health problems, having carried out work in the United States, Australia, Canada, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Holland. His interest in psychological approaches to psychosis and recovery is rooted in his own experiences of psychosis and recovery in his late teens.

Rufus has written a number of articles and book chapters and his work was featured in the English Channel 4 documentary ‘The Doctor who hears voices’.  He also has an interest in mindfulness, voice dialogue approaches, conflict resolution communication skills and community development approaches including developing self-help networks.

Elisabeth Svanholmer has worked since 2006 as a Danish Hearing Voices Network trainer and facilitator. Her own experiences of living with voices and other unusual experiences has served as an inspiration for her current work-life.

Elisabeth is passionate about facilitating creative, supportive spaces for people to talk about their experiences and learn from each other. From 2012 to 2018 she was one of the organisers of a bi-monthly Danish open meeting for hearing voices groups in Western Denmark. She organises and co-facilitates a monthly group supervision session for people working with compassionate approaches to voices and similar experiences.

She has facilitated training on the hearing voices approach, mindfulness and understanding the highly sensitive person in Denmark, UK, Canada, US and Australia. She has co-facilitated a mindfulness group, a hearing voices group as well as a monthly arts and wellbeing sessions in Calderdale, West Yorkshire.